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The lights are the best part of the fair. They enhance the excitement and emotion. When you open the camera and let in the light, the motion comes right along with it. Photograph taken at the Wilson County Fair, Tennessee. August 2013.

Story 5: Roommates

Technically, the term would be house mate. I have been blessed to find great friends in my life. I live with five guys in an old crooked house. We all have our differences and we play some pretty horrible pranks, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

Russell: Listener

When I have a problem, Russ is on my speed dial, do people still use that function on their phone?

When I need to vent or figure out my problems, Russ’s door is always open.

Torre: Southern Gentlemen

Torre has he head on straight… most days :). We are more similiar than we like to think. I have watched

him mature and find himself since we met as freshmen in Finch. He has always been a leader and a friend

whom I can depend on.

Story 4: Old Friends

Sometimes I just get lucky. I was driving down the interstate minding my own business.I looked

over to my left and there was Carmen. I hadn’t seen her in three years. We recklessly drove

down the interstate waving at each other.

That is what sparked our lunch meeting today. It was so much fun to catch up with a long lost

friend. Don’t be shocked if you hear her on the radio or see her in concert.


Story 3: Home

I have loved my summer at home. Making new friends and connections at the Entrepreneur

Center has been eye opening. I have a whole new concept of what life has to offer after college.

I thought an internship meant a boring summer job. I was completely wrong.

Everyday has been different. You never know what to expect. One day I am asked to take a trip

to Smyrna, Tn to talk with war veterans about entrepreneur opportunities while the next task

might be filling the company keg for our investors and businesses.

Yes, I have gotten to know business plans and balance sheets, but that was not the purpose of this

internship. The purpose was to help me find some idea of what I want to do after HPU. Do I know

the answer… nope. I am still looking. The good news is I have validated why I am an entrepreneur.


Story 2: Like a Boss

This is Chris, he has a nice car. There is more to Chris than his shiny new Lexus. He loves his

mother and is pretty awesome at all things social media.

We wanted to show off his “executive side” so we found a great view of the city and set up shop.

We ran into some parking issues but still got a great shot.  The BBC television show Top Gear

was inspiration as well. It would be to shoot a beat up car with a crazy owner. If that is you send

me an email. Just click “Lets hang out”.


Story 1: Starting












I’m glad that I am embarking on this journey. I’m proud of my work, I hope you will find

something that catches your eye. I’ll post what I am working on here. Get to know my work and me.

This is my outlet of expression.





Photo was taken at the Entrepreneur Center in Nashville, TN. at my summer internship. (I am in the Grey)










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